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Take advantage of this offer, give us a call and register-No payment is due until you return for your second lesson.

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 About Fran




Fun early childhood music and movement classes for

 5month -12 month  children and parents

Fran4kids through

For all my dear friends that are far far away.

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Due to lack of time few entries will be accepted

Payment through bank account

Enjoy the comfort, support, and quality time to yourself and your child.
For children 1 year to 3 years together with one or both parents.
Sing, dance, explore beat & rhythm, be introduced to the human voice and more...

Dynamic,energetic,linguistic and movement abilities in an environment that allows for an exciting bonding experience with their teacher and friends. through social interaction.

Now children 3-5 years old can use Orff instruments (woodblocks,triangles,bells,castanets)

Once or twice a week

Children 5-7 years old can now play glockenspiels,metallophones,xylophones,recorder…

everything you need to help produce music to write / learn about music !

Movement and dance improvisation is also part of our job.

So jump in with both feet and no fear.

Once or twice a week

Μousikokinitiki for babies helps them come closer to their parents through musical games and movement patterns.

Assists the development of movement.

Increases  love for music.

Improves skills.

Relieves baby and parents from stress.

Stimulates imagination.
Mousikokinitiki in  toddler and school age helps music cultivation, introduces musical instrument

A kid playing musical instruments fosters to work both hands,delicate handling,movement acquired sense of  body, feeling of space.

Activated, expressed, but mostly creates happily.

4 lessons/month

No extra charges

8 lessons/month

No extra charges  

60 €

80 €

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