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 About Fran




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 About Fran

“My dearest dream came true when my family and I created Mousikokinitiki,

ever since all of you helped me to live in a dream.
Thank you for all these wonderful years”


1993 - 1994 Teaching of mousikokinitiki in''Cynthia''kindergarten.Director Juliette Andoniadis.

1995 -until today  Teaching ORFF in MOYSIKOKINITKI

11/30/2016 Enrolling complimentary webinar via SKYPE :learning more about the Music Together In-School curriculum by Ellen Acuna(School Services Mentor οf Music Together LLC Princeton, NJ USA)

9/10/2016 has successfully completed Music Together Teacher Training in NY- check out my video in N.Y

7/07/2002 Attendance in the examinations of H.O.U in the C.E. GREEK HISTORE

27-28-29/09/2002 first Pan-Hellenic Festival C.ORFF/mousikokinitiki agogi

14/02/2002 Diploma professional training with in preschool education activity creation and expression.

11/09/2001 Certification of professional training with the previous speciality from: SVIE.  

13/3/1999 Certificate of participation in dramatic play in artistic company and pedagogic theatrical expression: theater of the day.

1996 - 1999 Three-year study in the laboratory ANDREAS SYGROS with reward

14/05/1996 Degree from NATIONAL CONSERVATOIRE

22/10/1993 Degree of Harmony from NATIONAL CONSERVATOIRE  

July 1992Certification of participation in the music and dance education of Orff - Schulwerk given by
Orff- Institute in Salzburg .

1990 until 1992 in Moraiti CARL ORFF education .

1991 C. ORFF Education - Rhythmical JAQUES DALCROZEFunctional movement - Improvisation

1988/1991 "Rallou Manou dance studio"

About Fran

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